Hydroxycut or Short Cut: Its Over No Matter How You Slice It

The FDA issued a warning on Friday for consumers to “immediately stop” using Hydroxycut weight-loss products as they may result in jaundice and liver failure. This falls on the heels of spring breakers who made last minute attempts to quickly lose weight, and in advance of summer swim suit season. The FDA received 23 serious reports of health problems with Hydroxycut products and one death in a 19-year-old male who had used the weight-loss products, said Linda Katz, interim chief medical officer in the FDA’s food safety and nutrition division.

While the company has agreed to recall 14 of its Hydroxycut products, some products such as Hydroxycut Cleanse and Hoodia are not being recalled due to their different ingredient mix. At this point, director for the FDA’s dietary supplement program, Vasilios Frankos has said that it is unclear what ingredients in the products are harmful. The FDA is trying to get a better understanding of what ingredients or combination of ingredients is causing the liver damage. There is cause for additional concern as other dietary supplements may contain similar ingredients. People are encouraged to call their physicians if they are worried about any damage caused by the products.

There are no magic bullets for weight loss. Safe and effective weight loss results from a permanent change in eating and exercise habits. Make time to exercise 30-60 minutes most days of the week. Practice patience when it comes to weight loss. Permanent changes to body dimension change occur slowly with time, training and commitment to nourishing your body and mind with healthy food selections.

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