"The Cake Stand" Mindless, but Meaningful Gift

I received a cake display stand with glass cover this Christmas from my mother-in-law.  It was a very thoughtful gift, especially since the career choice between pastry chef and dietitian had been a struggle for me.

Creating new desserts to share has always been as relaxing as running or biking.  Good thing eh? To bake or run, bake than bike, but never run then bake, that’s unsanitary!  Cookies, bars, pies, scones, fruit muffins and of course anything with chocolate were always well received by family and friends.  Cakes on the other hand, went untouched except for a few wedges and frosting swipes.  That all changed with the introduction of “The Cake Stand”.

This Valentine’s Day I made a classic white cake with pink frosting.  The dessert was nothing exceptional, basically something to make me feel alright about not cooking a labor intensive, holiday dinner.  “The Cake Stand” was positioned front and center on the kitchen counter, visible to everyone, beckoning to all whom entered.  Within two days, the cake was consumed in full, the cake stand empty, and fruit withering in the bowl beside it.  While I could continue to use the stand to store cookies, bars, and muffins, I carefully returned it to the storage shelf for the sake of our family’s health.  My family can continue to enjoy snacks in reasonable quantities, but stored out of sight, not on a pedestal. The fruit bowl has returned to its rightful position of dominance on the kitchen counter, front and center and readily accessible.

The cake stand was a very thoughtful gift and will be saved for holidays, dinner parties and birthdays.  Beyond that it becomes a “see food” trap that indulges mindless eating and replaces healthier options.

Categories: Nutrition & Wellness


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