My Favorite Registered Dietitian Facebook Fan Page List

If you have a Facebook account you will definitely want to add these dietitian’s fan pages.  Their expertise spans from health improvement to disease management, from pregnancy to older adults, both cook books and self-improvement nutrition books. Click away and check back periodically as this list grows! Adding these fan pages to your Facebook is a sure-fire, free way to improve your health! A Registered Dietitian is the expert to resource for your nutritional health!

Pat Baird
Health, Wellness and Fitness

Rebecca Bitzer
Rebecca Bitzer & Associates

Jill Castle!/PNGHnashville
Nutrition for Infants, Children, Teens

Lea Crosetti
Food Coach For You
Wellness and Sports Nutrition

Janice Dada

Alison Duffey, RD, CSG, LD/N
Overall nutrition & healthy living tips

Lindsay Ek
Nutrition Instincts
Family Nutrition and Mindful and Intuitive Eating

Madhu Gadia
The Indian Vegan Kitchen, Nutrition and Diabetes Consultant

Nicole Geurin
Nutrition Consultant, Corporate Wellness Dietitian
“Bringing the science and joys of nutrition to the Sacramento community.”

Bonnie R. Giller
Passover the Healthy Way
New Cookbook Gives Passover Recipes a Healthy Twist

David Grotto
Everything David Grotto, RD

Lisa Harkins
Ideal Nutrition and Fitness LLC
Nutrition and fitness information for weight management and chronic disease from a nutrition expert! 🙂

Autumn Hoverter
FoodWise Nutrition

Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen
Where parents go for credible nutrition advice

Shelia Kelly
Continuing education for RDs and CDEs

Alyse Levine,
Weight loss and sports nutrition

Jessica Levinson
Nutritious and delicious food and living

Sheryl Lozicki
E2 Dietitian
Sports, family & wellness nutrition tips

Heather Mangieri
Nutrition wellness

Carrie Mark!/pages/Olathe-KS/NCES-Inc/117692991682?ref=search&sid=100000387910631.883365428..1
“Your Essential Guide to Health and Nutrition Education”

Chris Marquette

Linda Michaelis
Dietitian in East Bay, California expertise working with pediatric obesity,
nutritional counseling for families with diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and desire to lose weight.

Kati Mora
Around the Plate
Real-life Nutrition

Katie Mulligan
Nutrition Counseling for Children and Families

Julie Negrin
My Kitchen Nutrition
Cooking Teacher and Kids Nutrition Educator, Blog and Facebook page

Jackie Newgent
Big Green Cookbook
Eco-friendly Cuisine

Kelly O’Connell
Dieting, Diabetic, Dietitian

Carol Plotkin
weight loss, wellness, fitness, sports nutrition

Jenn Randazzo
Fast facts and quick tips

Rosanne Rust
Real Living Nutrition online wellness and weight loss coaching

Rebecca Scritchfield
Nurture Principles
Tips, videos, blogs and news on nutrition, exercise and stress management

Stacee Smith
Laughlin AFB HAWC
Health and Wellness

Allison Stevens
Healthy Living, Healthy Flavors
Free tips from a personal chef & dietitian on eating deliciously healthy food

Rebecca Subbiah
Chow and Chatter Fan Page
Travel, good food and nourishment

Diana Sugiuchi
Nourish Family
Family nutrition, general healthy eating, recipes

Roberta Schwartz Wennik
Spin-a-RecipeSM LLC — “A Vegas experience in your kitchen”
Play the slot machine to pick a healthy dish to cook and the ingredients to use.

The Nutrition Twins, Tammy &Lyssie Lakatos
Nutrition & Weight Loss Facts and Tips

Penny Wilson
Eating for Performance
Helping people fuel their active lifestyles

Elisa Zied
Nutrition At Your Fingertips, Fact-based nutrition reference book

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