Jig-gin with the Irish this Weekend?

If you plan on jig-gin with the Irish this Saturday, make sure you’re early morning wakeup call allows ample time to hydrate and reenergize from the evenings fast. If your race is at 9AM, the latest you should be rising to shine is 5:45 for solids or 6:45 for liquids. Good solid choices include a small bowl of cereal, a lightly topped bagel, 2 small pancakes, a low-fat fruited muffin, or a breakfast bar. Avoid high fiber foods like bran cereal or too much dried fruit because they’ll leave you cramped. No fried hash browns or greasy breakfast meats because they slow down digestion and are a poor source of energy. Drink 2 cups of fluid, 2 hours before your race to top off your bodies fluids but still give adequate time to rid yourself of any excess. Good fluid combinations include 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sports drink, coffee, smoothie, milk or juice. Drink another 1 cup of fluid 15 minutes prior to your race and you should be good to run. With that said, don’t experiment on race day and may you pass the dude in the leprechaun outfit!

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