Apple or Pear

When it comes to the whole piece of fruit, pears are slightly higher in fiber, while apples have the edge on Vitamin C.  Both are excellent choices for your summer fruit bowl because they tend not to attract fruit flies and can hold up against the warmer days.

 However, when it comes to body shape and health, pears are superior.  People who primarily store fat in their hips, upper arms and thighs are said to have a pear shape, while those who tend to store greater amounts of fat in the abdomen are apple shape.  The fat stored around the  abdomen is called visceral fat and is associated with greater risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.  While all of us gain visceral fat as we age, a healthy diet and regular exercise can reduce the visceral fat as long as you keep doing it.  Research led by Slentz, in 2005 studied sedentary over weight men and women who followed a 30 minute walk program, 6 times/week for 8 months.  Subjects lost 7% of their abdominal fat.  However, those who stopped participating in a regular exercise program, increased their visceral fat stores by 9%.  Their research not only suggested that apples benefit greatly from regular exercise, but that if you yo-yo exercise, you can do a lot of damage to your long-term health.

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