Got Water?

I regularly conduct health fairs and Biggest Winner competition for companies who add wellness benefits for their  employees.  During these events, staff have an optional weigh-in which includes body fat analysis, fluid status and bone density screening.  It is the norm during these events for work groups to weigh in as being dehydrated.

Consider that the average adult body is two-thirds water and pumps 8200 mL (34 cups) per day throughout the gastrointestinal system alone. Muscle is 75%, fat is 25%, and blood is 95% fluid.  Symptoms of dehydration include: headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, light-headed, dry mouth & eyes, dark scanty urine, flushed face & poor heat tolerance.

Break the habit of reaching for coffee or a caffeinated soda when you feel low on gas.  Both will leave you further dehydrated and compound the symptoms of dehydration.  Grab your BPA free, reusable water bottle instead.   A good goal is 1 cup of water with and between meals or 6 cups/day.  Drinking more water is economical and has great weight control benefits as well.  It slows down the rate at which you eat during meals, and prevents you from mistaking thirst for hunger between meals.

NOTE: Plastics that contain BPA will have a number 3 or 7 in the triangle on the underside of your water bottle.

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