Weekend Extras

Research shows that if you are trying to lose or maintain weight loss, weekend calories can sabotage your efforts if you’re not careful.  The change in routine, recent trip to the grocery store, increase in social activities and lack of structured time can trigger mindless eating.  Some people average up to 400 extra calories.  Follow these tips to keep you on track:

  1. Eat breakfast, yet keep it healthy. Skipping breakfast leads to overeating at lunch and dinner or reaching for high calorie snacks and convenience meals when you become overly hungry.  Cereal is still the best option.  Limit bacon, sausage, doughnuts, biscuits & gravy, and other calorie dense options that become more tempting when you have additional time on your hands. 
  2. Exercise early.  Motivation may dwindle as the temperature heats up and other obligations eat away at your weekend time.
  3. Maintain your eating and exercise journal.  Make sure you are able to check off your water intake with and between meals.  Adequate hydration prevents you from mistaking thirst for hunger and keeps your energy high.  Stock your fruit bowl center piece with a variety of tempting fresh produce.
  4. Limit the alcohol.  5 oz glass of wine = 120 calories, 12 oz light beer = 110 calories, 12 oz regular beer = 145 calories, 1 oz hard liquor = 70 calories (not including mixer), 12 oz hard lemonade = 220 calories, 8 oz mixed drink = 300 calories on average.  Alcohol leads to mindless snacking and may cause you to overeat the following day. 

Seize the day! 48 hours goes by far too quickly.  Everybody\’s Working for the Weekend

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