No One Said it Would Be Easy

Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is even harder.  Yes, I just said it  gets harder.  Many studies show that 95% of people fail to maintain their weight loss after 3-5 years because they do not successfully address the lifestyle behaviors that cause weight gain.  While people have good intentions when beginning a diet, corporate wellness program, or exercise program, they fail to make permanent, small, acceptable changes that they can live with for a lifetime. 

If you are presently trying to lose weight, think about the types of changes are making.  Are you willing to commit to them for a lifetime?  Make sure each goal has staying power and switch out the weak one’s for options that are more enjoyable.  Here are some examples:

Goal: Increase water intake with and between meals. Problem: Plain water is getting boring.  Solution: Try adding lime, orange or lemon slices to the water pitcher.  

Goal: Walk 30 minutes daily.  Problem: Your starting to feel like a hamster on a wheel.  Solution: Try a new route, time of day, music mix or book on tape to recharge you. Cycle, swim or jump rope instead. 

Goal: Eat breakfast daily.  Problem: You always run short on time or breakfast makes you nauseous first thing in the morning.  Solution: Try adding a glass of orange juice fortified with calcium and Vitamin D as a first step or pack a yogurt, low-fat cheese sticks or dried cereal for the office. 

Goal: Cover 1/2 your plate with fruits and vegetables.  Problem: You can’t stand eating vegetables as a side dish.  Solution: Mix them into your main course.  Shish kabob, stir fry, pasta and rice dishes are a great way to load in vegetables.  

Revisit your goals and ask yourself if you have made lasting changes?  The easier changes are to follow, the more apt you are to be successful. 

Feel free to post comments if you need some fresh ideas.  Remember healthy, lifestyle habits (behavior change) will keep you in the permanent weight loss category.

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  1. love it! What works for me, when I think ahead and do the work, is to keep emergency breakfast items at the office. I always bring fruit with me every week but I keep a 2 -3 of high fiber low calorie english muffins and low sugar peanut butter just in case I’m running late. I have no excuse to eat something bad for me. Eng Muffing + 1 tbsp pb + apple. Happy me 🙂


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