The Brain Stomach Battle

Are you eating because of biological signals or psychological cues?  If you are hungry because your blood sugar has grown low and your body is telling you it needs more energy, then good you are in tune!  If however, you are grabbing a meal or snack because it’s that time of the day, out of convenience (see it eat it) or because you feel the need to reward yourself for finishing a task, well then you are out of sync.

A baby will cry when he is hungry and turn his head away from the bottle or spoon when they are full.  At some stage in development, many of us begin to ignore this important brain to stomach signal.  We might view eating as a task to “check off” in order to be dismissed to the play ground or so that we may get the prized dessert.  Conversely, we might suppress the hunger signal in order to lose weight or get one more project taken care of.  Ignoring the hunger signal is equally problematic as it leads to convenience, binge, and over eating.

Click on the Hunger Scale from MIT.  Make it your goal this week to get your brain and stomach reconnected.  Maintaining your hunger within the scales 3-6 range.  Lack of structured meals on the weekend makes people more apt to fall out of range.  Don’t allow yourself to bottom out into the “Beyond Hungry” or fall victim to the “Beyond Full” stage of discomfort.

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