Do I Recommend Pills and Potions?

I was recently asked the following on my www.e2dietitian website, 

“Are there any particular multivitamins, protein shakes or meal replacements that you recommend?”

I responded that it was a very good question and depends on the quality of the individual’s diet and their health history.  In general, I recommend that people meet their nutritional needs through whole, real food.  That means fresh fruits, vegetables, unprocessed grains and minimally processed meats.  I am not typically in favor of meal replacements or protein shakes for the average American, because they tend to use them as a band-aid for a poor diet.  I encourage people to make lifestyle changes that they can follow for the rest of their life rather than short-term quick fixes.  Endurance athletes may benefit from customized drinks, especially when training intensifies as can individuals with certain metabolic abnormalities, diseases or malnutrition.  

 The types of people who do benefit from a multivitamin include:

  • picky eaters
  • Vegetarians
  • elderly
  • smokers
  • certain medical conditions
  • alcoholics
  • pregnant and lactating women

I do recommend calcium with vitamin D, a general multivitamin supplement with iron (not to exceed 100% Daily Value), and fish oil tabs for the majority of my clients whose food preferences or willingness to change eating habits results in their nutritional health becoming less than optimal.   

If you have a nutrition question, please feel free to ask away for better health!

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