Let the Music Move You, Faster!

I love to run to the rhythm of a beat.  I’ve run with music since MP3 players were invented, beginning with the radio only version.  I’ve owned at least 5 variations and countless headphones.  Between the washing machine, Michigan winters, children and pets,  my headphones are on a revolving door.    I run faster, more effortlessly, and longer when I have music playing.  If I steal my daughter’s Ipod I run even faster, and get a window into her world, always a good idea with teens!

Studies show that I’m not anomaly.  Dr Karageorghis, at Brunel University’s School of Sport and Education found that music improved both endurance and the experience of exercise itself.  He had 30 participants keep strict time to the beat while listening to Queen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Madonna. He demonstrated that music enhanced endurance by 15%, and individuals  scored the pleasure they derived from their workouts as being higher.

Cyclists have shown similar responses.  A British study monitored riders listening to 3 different tempos, slow, moderate and high.  Those listening to the slower tempo, had lower heart rates and mileage.  At a higher tempo, pedal stroke voluntarily increased, cadence improved, and participants expressed greater satisfaction in their workout.  Researchers determined that while cyclists perceived a greater degree of effort was required as tempo speed increased, they didn’t mind the discomfort and pushed themselves to keep pace.

Does exercise bore you?  Are you stuck in a workout rut?  Maybe you just need to find an up-tempo beat and let the music distract you .

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  1. I agree. Every running season I have a different favorite artist. Last year it was Black Eyed Peas, this spring it was Lady Antebellum, now Katty Perry, and at one point I’m sure it was Madonna.


  2. I don’t run, but I do walk quickly. I like: Tavares Disco Inferno, Baby Got Back by SirMixalot, Kiss by Prince or Tom Jones, Elvis’ Little Sister, and Lots of Donna Summer/Bee Gees (Night Fever) and Madona. Definitely agree – music makes ALL the difference between an ok workout and a power workout 🙂


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