Ladies: Let’s Talk Fit, Not Fat

Have you ever been at a party, girl’s night out, or shopping with friends, when the topic doesn’t turn to “weight”?  It seems I rarely encounter this phenomenon, yet maybe it’s because I am a dietitian.  Sometimes people treat our conversations like we’re in a confession booth, and I’m the priest who absolves them of their caloric sins.  Comments vary from, “I shouldn’t have eaten that” to “I might as well slap this on my hips” or “I skipped lunch in preparation for tonight!”  My favorite is “I bet you don’t ever eat these” because people who really know me, have seen me appreciate everything from nachos to the candy bowl, in moderation. 

While I realize much of the conversation is friendly female camaraderie, I cringe especially when there are children within hearing distance.  Fat talk has no place at the table.  Good health is more than just a scale number.  Thighs rub together on the average woman, and most people don’t have more than a couple of packs when it comes to abs.  Let all good foods in moderation become the topic of discussion.  Restrictive eating and negative food associations between body image and so-called sin foods should not be inserted into a child’s memory bank for future use.  Conversation about what tunes you are listening to while you workout, or what types of hobbies you are doing these days to stay active are excellent discussions, and positive role modeling.  

Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  What appears in the media, magazines and MTV represent .05% of the population, not the norm.  “Fat Talk” benefits no one, “Fit Talk” recognizes that we all work at becoming healthier, through regular physical exercise and good eating habits, most of the time.  Share the difference with your female friends!

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  1. Thanks for your helpful Post, I hope you have a good day!. 🙂



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