Exercise A New Rubber Band

Here is a picture of your arteries on exercise:

Flexible, malleable rubber bands that hold their shape when stretched.  No breaks in the seams, no ties holding them together, no abuse indicating they have been misused.

Old rubber bands stick together.  They have limited give, and you have to be extra careful in how you use them or new breaks will occur.  Unused rubber bands grow hard and rigid.

Exercise keeps your arteries in new rubber band shape.  It lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, abdominal fat, and stress.  Exercise increases serotonin (mood elevator), metabolism, high density lipoproteins (carries cholesterol away from arteries), lung function, resistance to infection, bone density, muscle tone, hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, creativity and how well you sleep.

I keep wanting to write about how exercise is like a box of chocolates, quite likely because it’s Halloween morning and I like chocolate.   Yet it’s really like a box of new rubber bands.  What do your arteries look like?  What are your plans to exercise this beautiful fall morning?

For more on info read this Healthbeat segment.

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