Trim Your Tail Feathers

Are you preparing for a delicious, relaxing celebration with your family and friends this Thanksgiving? Here are a few ideas on how to trim your calories, so you aren’t dragging your tail feathers during the weeks that follow.

Tread Lightly on Traditional


Healthier Option


2 oz cheese (10 dice) + 2 oz summer sausage & crackers


4 oz shrimp (deck of cards) + cocktail sauce, veggies and light dip


6 oz dark meat turkey with skin


6 oz skinless white meat turkey


1 cup scalloped potatoes


1 cup sweet potatoes with cinnamon & light margarine


½ cup green bean casserole


½ cup green bean almondine


1 slice pecan pie


1 slice pumpkin pie


1 glass wine


Water or skim milk


½ cup stuffing


Skip altogether or go lightly


¼ cup gravy


Skip altogether or go lightly


1 roll with margarine


Skip altogether or go lightly


¼ cup cranberry sauce


Skip altogether or go lightly


That’s a hefty 3,280 for the traditional side and a well-earned 1,200 for healthier options.
It’s no wonder that the average person will gain a few pounds over the next several holidays. As an athlete, you can afford to go down the middle road, knowing that you will compensate by ramping up the intensity or duration of your workouts next week. In addition here are a few other nutrition tips to keep in mind this Thanksgiving:

  • The average Turkey Trot will burn up an additional 300-450 calories
  • Don’t skip breakfast after the race.  Meal skippers tend to binge eat at subsequent meals and their food choices are more calorie dense, nutrient weak
  • Cover ½ your plate with fruits, vegetables, making it colorful for an array of nutrients
  • Drink plenty of water with and between meals.
  • Don’t let alcohol lead you into a mindless eating while catching up with family and friends or watching football games
  • It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you’ve had enough so savor the flavor and eat slowly.

This is not a race to the finish line, it’s a time to give thanks!

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