Should I Weigh Myself?

Absolutely!  You should weigh yourself on a regular basis, which means once or twice a week.  According to the National Weight Loss Registry, weighing yourself on regular basis is one of the top 5 attributes of people who successfully lose, and more importantly maintain their weight loss.

The scale gives us direction:

a) You are headed down the right path, continue to stay on course with the changes you have made in your eating and exercise habits


b) You are driving in the wrong direction and you must take a detour in some behavior if you are sincere about making it to your intended destination, weight loss goal.

Your weight, however, should not define you.  It should never determine whether you have a good or bad day, your ability to go hang out with friends, or appreciate your many talents.  Remember that it is your whole person: body, mind and spirit that defines you, not just the number on the scale.

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