The National Restaurant Association Food Show: As Tasted By a Registered Dietitian

ImageThis is me at the start of the food show on a machine that promises to increase my metabolism, build muscle, burn fat, tone my body, reduce joint pain, increase HGH levels, build bone mass, and reduce joint pain if I stood on it for 10 minutes a day.  Honestly, If I had stayed on this machine for one more minute I would have lost the crab ragoon I ate at the previous booth.  How does it work? Everything that isn’t literally nailed down to your bones shakes on this machine and that’s not a pretty picture if you get my drift.  Does it work? If it truly had the potential to shake all two-thirds of our United States population who are overweight or obese back down towards a healthier weight, Wall Street would be going crazy right now.  Instead it’s being sold in the far back alley of a food show where they feature the therapeutic mattresses and slot machines.


I wondered how often they had to freshen this hamburger display over the course of the 12 hour show.  I had to capture it for my portion distortion presentation on mindless eating.  It made me wonder which item won our local minor league baseball team’s, White Caps “challenge” menu this year?  I was told by our sous chef that the bacon shell taco was ithis year’s cardiac bypass hall of fame winner.


This picture was for my daughter who used to dance throughout our house in a variety of Cinderella slippers.  That was before the dog chewed them down to a variety of miss matched pairs that by today’s dress code of mixed apparel would  be super chic. These chocolate pumps came complete with a matching clutch.


Brian Wansink, where were you when I needed an answer to this critical plate purchase question?  Should I purchase square plates or circle plates this year?  Which will make my portion size look bigger but minimize the calories?  Should I purchase a square plate or a circle plate?  Better yet, should I purchase this circle plate inside of a square plate or consider the square plate inside of the circle plate?


Gelato had a big presence throughout the show in a variety of gourmet flavors.  It reminded me of the TCBY from the 70’s with an infusion of today’s generation.


Chobani, you continue to light up my life!  Your “Mix in the Real, Then Flip Out” product line is awesome sans packaging 😦 Your flavors which include Key Lime Crumble, Strawberry Sunrise, Almond Coco Loco and Vanilla Golden Crunch are spot on.  What a creatively crazy way to seize on the success of yogurt parfait bars everywhere with your high protein Greek brand.  I also want to thank you so very much for making squeezable yogurt options for my kids!


This “gastro” booth featured an interesting mixture of powdered food options.  It made me wonder if Michael Pollen would port these products in his back pack on his way to Mars “In Defense of Food”.  Ha!


Wash your hands after using the rest room.  Wash your hands after you sneeze,  Wash your hands when moving between tasks.  Wash your hands when moving between raw and cooked foods.  Wash your hands before eating.  Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!


The plethora of new caffeinated food and beverages was highly alarming.  These products are obviously riding on the coat tails of the  “Five Hour Energy Drink” market darling that presently holds exclusive control.  Ice cream, waters and mini bottles would invite Alice in Wonderland on a rocking good adventure as one bottle makes her calmer and another one revs her up.




Petals anyone?  A beautiful bouquet of antioxidants, fiber and phytochemicals!


This was my favorite find.  Mango sorbet with Strawberry “Popping Pearls” by Tea Zone.  It was like an adult version of “Pop Rocks” in my mouth.  It had a fun factor of “10” yet it was highly unlikely that I could eat enough of those little caviar like explosions to count as a serving of fruit.  They came in blueberry, cantaloupe, peach, kiwi, pomegranate, passion fruit, orange and a hot tea version as well.


If… I’m going to go there in the morning, I like this cinnamon, brown sugar, butter crunch topping to cake ratio.  It smacks of my Dutch grandmother’s coffee cake recipe handed down from generation to generation.  I love the National Restaurant Food Show.  The creativity of new food and beverage products ceases to amaze me, year after year.  Now where did that vibrating body slimming machine go?

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  1. Wow, the Restaurant Food Show looks like it was a blast! I love those Chobani flips, such a great snack. On the not so healthy side.. Shoes and Chocolate are two of my favorite thing… If I buy the pumps it would be like killing two bird with one stone and saving money….right?


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