5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat their Veggies

ImageIt can be war. Getting kids to eat their vegetables can be harder than pulling teeth admits today’s guest blogger Kishana Sainte.  Whether it is carrots or broccoli, peas or sweet potatoes, there are just some children that detest the sight of vegetables, let alone the taste.

If your kid is one of those that has a serious dislike for veggies know that you are not alone. There are so many parents dealing with this issue that experts, educators and scientists have all worked on finding solutions. Here is a few of the best ways that you can get your kid to eat his or her vegetables…

  1. Be the solution that you want to see. If you want your kids to eat their vegetables, than you better be eating them yourself. You can’t serve your child broccoli and a salad and be eating a hamburger yourself. Experts believe that the way to determine the eating habits of a child is to look at their parent. Make eating vegetables fun for you and the kids.
  2. Find the imagination in vegetables. Going along with the last statement, if you want your kids to have an interest in eating healthy than engage them in an entertaining way. For example, plant a garden together showcasing your favorite vegetables. Or maybe visit an organic farm that lets the kids have interactive time. Or use pretending to your advantage. Maybe your daughter is a “princess” who will only get her crown of jewels if she shows that she is able to eat the ruby gum balls, otherwise known as miniature tomatoes.
  3. Have a must-try clause. Experts have found in studies that a child needs to be exposed to an unwanted food around 10 times before change in taste will occur. That is why it is important to insist that your child have at least one bite of a food that is not desired at each meal. By the eleventh your kid might just change his or her mind.
  4. Give them a gold star. If your child is showing attempts to like vegetables, praise him or her. Studies have proven that giving little gifts like gold stars has a positive effect on getting kids to eat their vegetables. Another bonus: the behavior is being positively reinforced which is associating healthy food with kindness for the child.
  5. Make it colorful. Just like having fun with vegetables, playing with the colors of food can also make vegetables more interesting for a kid. Try offering the vegetables in an assorted fashion that really emphasizes the color differences. For example, creating a happy face out of tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, and onion.


Kishana Sainte writes on children’s health, women’s health, fitness, health & lifestyle, as well as diet and weight loss articles on behalf of MyDocHub, a trusted online doctor reviews and medical information website. For more information visit http://www.mydochub.com

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