Grocery Spend Post Holiday Increases – Say What?

Grocery CartGoodness of Intentions
Many of us have good intentions of eating healthier in the New Year but research shows that we actually buy more food after the holidays. Researchers working with Cornell University found that shoppers took home 9 percent more calories after the New Year than they did during the heavy holiday shopping trips! This is consistent with other survey results, such as those published in Public Library of Science which found consumer spending increased by 15 percent post-holiday.

What’s In Your Shopping Cart?
This begs the question, what are people adding to their carts? The answer is their New Year’s resolutions. Shoppers buy more healthy items which is good, the problem is that they don’t replace them with less-healthy holiday favorites. The result, their baskets become filled with more calories. The problem is not only the added cost, but the fact that these holiday food carry-overs compete with your resolutions to eat healthier.

Solutions to the Enhance Your Resolutions
1. Use written grocery lists to reduce impulse buys and post-holiday sales.
2. Substitute the junk with healthy resolutions, don’t buy both.
3. Stick to a budget.

These solutions should help reduce your waistline and enhance your savings at checkout.

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