Recipe Analysis for Section 4205

MeI can help your restaurant, grocery or food establishment meet the section 4205 bill requirements of the Affordable Care Act. The new menu labeling law will go into effect December 1, 2015 and now is the time to get your recipes analyzed and ingredients altered especially if the results aren’t as marketable as you would like. I have extensive culinary knowledge in how to adjust recipes in order to enhance the nutritional profile, presentation and taste of your plate while minimizing raw food cost.

Section 4205 of the bill requires that all restaurants and fast-food chains with more than 20 locations list the calorie counts of standard items on menus and menu boards, and provides more comprehensive nutrition information upon request.  This federal mandate was expanded to include all restaurant-type establishments that sell prepared foods for immediate consumption, such as grocery stores, movie theaters and convenience stores.  Your menu will also need to display the calorie count for certain alcoholic beverages.

Sourcing this service through a Registered Dietitian can help ensure that your information is accurate and in compliance with these new regulations.  It also lends credibility to your menu by providing an added assurance to your customers that the information is provided by credentialed expert.  With the expanded information that will become available to consumers in the coming months, restaurants who get a head start on compliance will understand how to better drive sales through this added level of transparency. Contact me for a quote on your project at

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