Dinner In 15 Minutes or Less

What can you cook in 15 minutes or less? One in five of you has figured this out according to the 2015 International Food and Health on-line, 10th annual research survey.  They asked over 1,000 Americans aged 18-80 “How much time do you personally spend cooking or preparing dinner on average, each weekday night?” Here are the results.

  • 8% spend zero
  • 12% spend < 15 minutes          This means 20% spend < 15 minutes
  • 23% spend 15-30 minutes                           43% spend < 30 minutes
  • 29% spend 45-60 minutes
  • 14% spend an hour or more

FullSizeRender-6What we know about health surveys is that many of us tend to pretty up the picture towards what we think is the right answer.  For example, we are apt to respond that we exercise more, eat fewer calories and weigh less than we actually do.  So while the results suggest only 43% spend <30 minutes in the kitchen each weekday, night chopping, mixing and cooking the reality is that probably closer to half of us half of us spend one half hour or less doing so .  I would also suspect that no where near 14% of us spend an hour or more cooking dinner each night, other than perhaps on a weekend, once or twice a month.

The other telling response from the survey was “If you suddenly had an extra 4 hours every week, (what I wouldn’t give for this!) how would you spend that time?”  Participants could select up to 3 options and their top 3 choices were:

  1. 36% Exercising – honestly this is an A+ choice!
  2. 31% Spending time/socializing with friends and family – another A+ choice!
  3. 29% Relaxing/sleeping – ditto!

After household chores 20%, reading 20%, practicing hobbies 20%, using electronic devices 17%, watching TV 16%, and tracking exercise and diet 13%, came spending more time cooking or baking at 11%.  So given an additional 4 hours of life everyday, most of us are not going to spend it in the kitchen!

What does this mean for food manufacturers and food bloggers?  We need to create products and write recipes that can be created in 15-20 minutes fast, fresh and healthy!  What does it mean for us searching for recipes?  30 minutes or less is a perfectly reasonable google choice!

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