Your Weight Management Strategy Is…

IFIC LogoYour top five weight loss strategies according to the International Food Information Council Foundation, Food & Health Survey 2015 aptly titled “What’s Your Health Worth?” are:

  • 82% eat more fruits and vegetables
  • 76% drink more water and no calorie beverages
  • 70% eat more whole grains
  • 69% cut back on foods with added sugars
  • 68% consume smaller portions

If this sounds like a segway to Choosemyplate it is.  63%of you have seen the graphic and 42% of you know that it means more than the fork goes on the left.  A few key tips include:

  • myplate_whiteFruits, vegetables, protein, dairy and grains are the 5 building blocks of your healthy diet
  • Make 1/2 your plate fruits and vegetables (literally) and chose a variety of colors.
  • Make at least 1/2 your grains whole grains and limit them to a tennis size ball portion or 25% of your plate.
  • Choose lean proteins and low-fat dairy.  A deck of cards size portion of solid meat or 1/4 cup beans, nuts, low-fat cottage cheese or lentils is adequate for most adults or 1 cup low-fat milk.

smartphoneWho do you ask for support when it comes to keeping your weight and diet on track?  Most of you go it alone and for those of you who don’t, friends and family (32%) are your preferred coach.  Only 22% of you use a weight loss plan or app and the majority of you who do are millennials.  Older generations are less inclined to app it.

The top 3 things that motivate you according to the IFIC’s study:

  1. Increased energy
  2. Improved health
  3. Enhanced appearance

are interestingly enough pretty similar to the top 3 in the Virgin Health Miles Report on Wellness.


Personally I’ve seen far too many pill passes in long-term care.  Picture three times per day, averaging eight pills a pass after being put in a pill crusher and mixed with applesauce to prevent choking.  I prefer to focus on a reduced reliance on medications as I age in addition to faculties intact, strong, upright, independent, sassy and spirited but not all of those were options.

Finally, while most of us like to be told “What to do,” we do when it comes to weight and diet strategies.  More than 3 out of 4 of you like a “to do” approach better than a “to don’t.” In other words, don’t waste my time telling me all the foods I shouldn’t eat and what’s bad for me, teach me what I should eat and give me fun, positive strategies to get me headed there.

So there you have it, your weight loss strategies according to the latest findings from the IFIC, Virgin Health Miles and me.

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