How to Hold It Through the Holidays

HITTHOver the next 8-weeks, you will encounter at least three major holidays, countless work celebrations, neighborhood gatherings and family festivities. Work environments become pretty sweet with baked goods and stress rises as the year comes to an end. So what’s a holiday fact or just a myth when trying to hold it this season?

Holiday Fact or Myth?

The average person gains 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s?  This is actually a little tricky because research shows that the average healthy person weight gains just one pound. However, people who struggle with weight management may gain up to five pounds. Either route, the problem is that we struggle to lose the added weight gain after the holidays are over. Each year Americans experience a weight-creep that adds up to a decades worth in the form of ten more pounds.

Holiday Fact or Myth?

You can out exercise your calories. Fiction. Unfortunately you would have to run longer than an ultra marathon or 42 miles to burn off the average number of calories consumed on Thanksgiving Day. This is compounded by the fact that people work out less around the holidays. We know that exercise helps reduce stress and enhances sleep. Many of us our stress eaters and lack of sleep increases the hormones that make us hungry.

Holiday Fact or Myth?

You can save on calories by skipping a meal or two before the big event. Fiction. Just as you should never grocery shop on an empty stomach, you should never attend a party starving. Enjoy a high fiber, protein rich snack before the festivities. Examples include a small Greek yogurt parfait with berries and granola, almonds, popcorn or fresh veggies and humus.

Other Tips:

  • Mind your portions:    1 Serving
    • Deck of Cards   = Turkey
    • Golf Ball            = Stuffing
    • Tennis Ball        = Mashed Potatoes or Green Beans
    • 2 Thumb Tips   = Gravy
    • 1 Light Bulb      = Pie
  • Cover half your plate with fruits and vegetables.
  • Remember that the greater the variety on the table, the greater the temptation to sample. Survey your surroundings and pick your top 3.
  • Liquid calories add up quickly, lower inhibition and increase the likelihood that you’ll go back for more.
  • Step on the scale today and pledge to hold it though these next eight weeks.

Make this the season of no weight gain!


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