Stuffed on Thanksgiving

Your bird is stuffed, but be careful that it’s the only thing uncomfortably filled Thanksgiving Day.  The Center for Health Promotion and Wellness at MIT published the Hunger Scale, a handy reminder on how to gauge your appetite this holiday season. The goal is to “honor your hunger” between levels 3 and 6, stopping at the exact point of satisfaction.  That’s easier said then done when your entire counter top is filled with everyone’s favorite recipes and there’s a separate table just for desserts.  Not forgotten is the pre bird warm up of appetizers, fresh, fried and creamy.  If your stomach churns in anticipation, check out the fuel gauge below and remember to stop at level 6.



Level 6: You’ve reached the point of satisfaction and had just the right amount of food.

Level 7: You’ve exceeded “satisfaction” with “just one more bite”.  Your body has told you “no” but your mind vetoed.

Level 8: You’re stomach is actually starting to hurt but there are still a lot of foods you haven’t tried.  There’s also more than a few you’d like to sample again.

Level 9: You need to take a nap in order to make the feeling go away and you don’t really feel like socializing anymore.

Level 10: You are BEYOND FULL and don’t even want to look at food until the morning comes.

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day, but do keep a gauge on your hunger.  Remember to eat slowly, and savor your meal.  It takes 20 minutes for your brain to signal your stomach that it’s full, but you have to be listening for the message when it comes!

May you be thankful for the bounty of food, and more importantly blessed by the company with whom to share it this Thanksgiving season.

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