Healthy Stocking Stuffers

My West MichiganThe holidays are fast approaching and finding the perfect gift in these last few days can be daunting for even the most seasoned shoppers. May these suggestions helps you fast forward through stores with a healthy gift in mind for a variety of ages and interests.

Under $10

  • For the Snacker. All of these items are available at your local grocery stores.
    • Halos are rich in Vitamin C, non GMO verified, seedless and easy to peel. They’re great stocking stuffers to balance out holiday sweets.
    • Low Sodium, Blue Diamond Almonds are a heart healthy snack for the protein lover or vegan.
    • A bar of heart healthy, Lindt Dark Chocolate.
  • For the culinarian.
    • An apple corer that leaves the nutrient rich skin on. You customize the cut of the slices or easily stuff the center. Available at Williams Sonoma.
    • The Stem Gem, strawberry stem remover. Oftentimes when you de stem strawberries you remove much of the fruit. This allows you to remove the greens and not waste the nutrition. Available at Williams Sonoma.
    • A rubber, hollow tube allows you to peel garlic cloves without getting the odor all of your hands. You stick the clove inside, add pressure and roll back and forth. Available at Williams Sonoma.
    • Gourmet Garden herbs and spices are my favorite way to quickly infuse fresh heart healthy, antioxidant rich herbs and spices while decreasing the salt in my winter cooking. Available in a variety of tubes and lightly dried containers, these add a big culinary flare to any dish. Available at your local grocery stores in the refrigerated section.
    • Mini combinations of Gourmet French Roasted Olive Oil and Maple Balsamic vinegar are healthy, interesting flavors additions to salads, dips and brushettas. Available at The Olive Store.
    • Eating Well magazine subscription, published 6 times per year puts a lot of recipes and healthy ideas at your fingertips.
  • For the athlete and kidos. All of these are available at Gazelle and other Sporting Good stores.
    • Neoprene eyeware retainers that help your sunglasses stick, protecting your eyes from the sun when you’re skiing, running or exercising out-of-doors.
    • Hand warmers that last 8 hours so your kids can have extended play outdoors.
    • Sure Lace shoe strings for your favorite pair of workout shoes in fun colors that don’t come untied.
    • Strobelighting that clips onto your head or workout gear as the days grow shorter. You can be seen up to 2400 feet away.
  • For those who need to destress.
    • LUSH bath balms or soaps from Bath and Body Works are available in a variety of scents and are an aromatherapy favorite.
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Under $20

  • For the culinarian.
    • Larger combinations of Gourmet Organic Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and 4 Leaf Balsamic vinegar. These are healthy, interesting flavors for salads, dipping and brushettas. Available at The Olive Store.
    • A single service tea maker and antioxidant rich, White Chocolate Peppermint tea from Teavana.
    • Teavana Perfectea Maker is a 2 serving tea maker that’s both easy and fun to watch.
    • Rubber spatulas and spoons that are high heat, dishwasher safe and long lasting. Available at Williams Sonoma.
    • A recipe book like Cooking Light Slow Cooker Tonight! These 140 recipes looks so good, I’m gifting this book to myself.
  • For the athlete and kidos. All of these are available at Gazelle and other sporting good stores.
    • Yurbuds, ear buds that are guaranteed to never fall out. These are designed for women, sweatproof and comfortable but lets in critical background sounds in addition to your music or books on tape.
    • A RoadID. My husband bought me this for Mother’s Day and I wear it whenever I exercise or race. It provides first responders with your identity, crucial medical and contact information.
    • A good pair of comfortably fitting, leak proof goggles for the bathtub or underwater swimming?
    • Portable Mace is a great gift for female athletes, those college bound, first time apartment renters or females in general.
    • An Arm Band to carry your cell phone, music and capture picture taking along your exercise route.
  • For those who need to destress.
    • OK so I’ve already gifted this one to myself when I went Black Friday Shopping. This is LUSH’s best selling soap, Sexy Peel a zesty citrus with gentle scrubbing bits of fruit peel.

Under $32

  • For the culinarian
    • A subscription to Cooking Light magazine, always healthy, with a good variety of simple to recipes that will stretch your culinary attempts in the kitchen.
  • For the athlete and kiddos
    • Strap on a pair of yaktrax and you’ll have all of the traction you need walking, running or hiking the trails this winter.
    • Hip headwear in Merino wool that helps protect you as a scarf, headband, mask or hat. It’s odor resistant, offers UV protection and is made of natural wicking materials.
  • For those who need to distress.
    • A $25 gift certificate to iTunes for a little music therapy.

Enjoy your holidays with family, friends and coworkers and do give gifts that bring good health for a healthier New Year.

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