Eight Key Weight Loss Obstacles

There are eight of them.  Each is a major life stressor that impacts your ability to successfully lose and maintain weight.  Notably there are an infinte amount of little ones that gnaw at your environment making  it so much easier to gain than to lose weight, but I can count on 2 hands the top obstacles.


According to Nielson reports, approximately one-third of you are now embarking on a renewed effort to lose weight.  My goal is that you not only successfully lose weight, but that you more importantly keep it off forever more.  Many clients tell me that their weight cycles, so I ask them to map out for me what was going on in their life at the time they lost vs. regained.  Their story always includes the “Big Eight.”

  1. College.  I spent a lot of time sitting around studying.  The dorm food had gotten pretty good these days, at least it seemed so initially.  I didn’t always chose the healthiest options when I was stressed and I’m sure the liquid calories on the weekend didn’t help any. 
  2. Marriage.  We celebrated a lot in the early years before kids.  We were always on the go, trying new restaurants, hosting dinner parties, going to movies and staying up late.  We were happy…eaters.  
  3. Children.  I never fully lost the baby weight and the little time I had to exercise and prepare a healthy family meal before, became non-existent.  Then I got pregnant again and I just haven’t had time to spend on me.
  4. Stopped Smoking.  I’m know I’m the classic example.  My hands and mouth stayed busy, exchanging one habit for another.  I’m definitely healthier and it’s the hardest thing I’ve done, but I want to have it all.
  5. Holiday Celebrations.  It seems each holiday I gained 1-2 more pounds, nothing major so I didn’t really notice.  Over the years, they have just added up to a bigger problem.  
  6. Injury or Medication.  I was really making progress on my weight until I got injured.  Now  I can’t seem to lose the weight and I can’t exercise like I should either because of my injury.  Ever since the doctor put me on this  medication, I’ve put on weight.  It’s not like I can chose not to take the pill, but if I lose weight my blood sugar (cholesterol, depression, arthritis) will might improve.  I might even be able to stop relying on a pill.  
  7. New Job.  The night shift is a killer on my weight.  I have a new job that I love, but the commute is longer and its robbing me of my exercise and meal prep time. 
  8. Low Income Neighborhood.  I live in a  food desert.  The only close place to buy food is a gas station, drive through window or dollar store.  Don’t even talk to me about exercise because there aren’t any sidewalks, there’s too much traffic and it’s just not safe.  
  9. (Menopause.) Missed this in my initial lineup but it is a big one for many women! Gear up if this is headed your way and raise your metabolism with muscle building activities and calorie burning cardio.

Each of you is at a different stage in your weight loss journey.  Perhaps you can relate to the college scenario but have yet to begin your career let alone have children. Maybe you are struggling with finding “me time” between juggling family and a career.  Regardless of your stage, it’s no wonder the majority, two-thirds of us struggle with being overweight or obese. because each one of us has or will encounter these big eight obstacles.  Understanding that you’re not alone and becoming aware of them is a major step forward.  The next step involves developing strategies to cope with these big eight stressors and the little ones so that you improve your weight and never yo-yo again.

Stay tuned in the New Year as I help you achieve, successful, permanent weight loss.

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