“Simplify Your Life” Week Begins Today!

shutterstock_459019435Our homes, work space and lives can become quite cluttered trying to fit in just one more, summer activity. Just as we should Spring clean after the winter build up, it’s important to simplify things before the start of the school year. The first week of August is “Simplify Your Life Week” and here are my top 5 suggestions to help you do just that!

1.  Limit your computer, TV and electronics time to two or fewer hours per day. Americans spend an average of 11 hours per day according to Nielson Reports locked into these various forms of electronics. Enjoy more face to face time, connect with people on a personal level and show that you truly value the relationship. Picking up a phone or meeting in person can oftentimes eliminate multiple emails and clarify messages that may otherwise be confusing and ultimately waste time.
2.  Clean your closets and organize your junk drawers. Donate clothes this is never worn, discard random socks without a match, toss blender bases for which the blender no longer is made and make sense of your drawers. Pick one room to focus on each day or week until your living space is in order. Mise en place “everything has it’s place.”
3. Spend more time single tasking. Computers and smartphones have indulged us into multi-taking to the max. We oftentimes begin more projects than we have time for in a day not to mention the capacity of our brains to juggle these tasks. Don’t overcomplicate your to-do list. Start each day by identifying one or two things that you will complete and hold yourself accountable.
4. Stick to your budget. You should have a plan of how much of your pay check is allocated each month towards house or rent, groceries and restaurants, utilities, clothing, transportation, tuition, insurance and unexpected extras. Creating a financial plan that works well, eliminates unnecessary stress and simplifies the decision making process between what you need to have versus want to have. Some churches, colleges and many companies have member assistance programs to help you get your finances in order.
5. Surround yourself with positive energy. Choose people and work that is fulfilling and practice the art of forgiveness. People and relationships that have become toxic can siphon off your time, energy and health. Forgive them and move on. There have been many studies that suggest harboring anger towards others is detrimental to your health by making good blood pressure and blood sugar control, adequate rest and positive mental health harder to achieve.

Don’t waste a heart beat, this is your week to simplify your life!

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