Best Diets 2020

The U.S News & World Report released their Best Diets 2020 annual list this week. A panel of nationally recognized experts in the field of diet, nutrition, obesity, food psychology, diabetes and heart disease reviewed 35 diets in terms of 7 categories: 1) Ease of following 2) ability to produce short-term 3) and long-term weight loss 4) nutritional adequacy 5) safety 6) diabetes prevention and 7) heart disease prevention. Here are the top and bottom 10. You can go to the full report to learn more about each diet.9C915F70-716F-45AF-9830-FE85437BC2CD

Dr. David Katz, one of the panel experts, Yale University Prevention Research Founding Director told CNN that the hallmarks of a best diet include balance, maintainability, palatability, family—friendliness and sustainability along with healthfulness. The Mediterranean Diet excells in each of these areas. The higher end of the spectrum focuses on adding in more healthful foods to your daily mix such as fruits, veggies, whole grain, lean protein and low-fat dairy. The lower end focuses on elimination, fasting, meal replacements and extremism.

Mixed messages can send you down a rabbit whole and do more harm than good. Here are a few of my favorite confusing nutrition messages I’ve collected over just this past year.

*Eat five meals per day. *Eat only breakfast, lunch and dinner. *Have you tried intermittent fasting? *Don’t go to bed hungry or you’ll never sleep. *Lack of sleep stimulates appetite. * Be mindful of your bodies hunger signals. *Ignore them if you are intermittently fasting.  * Our bodies don’t need much protein. *Have you tried Keto? *Eat this not that. *All foods can fit. *Eat 5 fruits and vegetables daily. *Beware of the Dirty Dozen and fruits that have sugar. *Eat more plants. *Don’t eat potatoes, corn or carrots they are riddled with sugar. *Eat more fish, they’re a lean source of protein. *Beware of fish, the mercury could poison you. *Use margarine not butter it’s lower in saturated fat. *The polyunsaturated fats in margarine cause inflammation, you’re better off using butter. *Eat avocado’s they’re rich in heart healthy monounsaturated fat. *Seriously how many saturated fat tortilla chips are you eating with that guacamole?

Thank goodness consumers have gotten savvier about the latest nutrition fad spun by afternoon talk show hosts, sports figures and the not so real life of celebrities forever thin. The side effects and long-term consequences of any diet are important to know before embarking upon it. Meet with your health care practitioner and see a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. #diet


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  1. If you are looking for a great Mediterranean Diet friendly recipe, check out or Carrot & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus!


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