Clementine Nutrition (Halo, Cutie, Sweetie)

Halo, Cutie, Sweetie

The clementine is my favorite winter holiday fruit. At $0.21 per servings, it’s sweet, tangy, portable and easy to peel making it highly snackable. I prefer the seedless version. One fruit contains a mere 35 calories, 60% of your daily value for Vitamin C, 130 milligrams of potassium and 1.3 grams of fiber. Vitamin C helps to support a healthy immune system, potassium helps muscle contraction and flushes excess sodium from your body and fiber keeps you fuller longer. 

Here are a few tips to ensure you eat the whole bag:

  • Breakfast: Mix clementines and berries into your yogurt smoothie.
  • Lunch: Add them to a Spinach salad to increase the iron absorption from the greens
  • Dinner: Create a citrus salsa for fish by dicing them with red onion, jalapeño, jicama and fresh cilantro. 
  • Party Dessert: Dip dried segments into white or dark chocolate in lieu of strawberries.

Still can’t eat the whole bag fast enough? Section and freeze them on a cookie sheet for half an hour. Return them to the freezer for later snacking, sealed in a plastic bag void of air to prevent freezer burn. Make sure you add this to your shopping list as they are in season now, November through February. #Clementine #Healthy

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