Top Ten Count Down for A Healthier New Year

Image 2Make 2021 your healthiest year ever with these habits forming suggestions.


10: Hours or less of total screen time during the weekday. According to the National Weight Loss Registry, individuals who successfully lose and maintain a healthy weight loss, limit “seat of their pants” activities to < 2 hours daily.  This includes everything from computers, to smart phones, pads and video games, but fortunately for the kids not homework.


9: Exercise your three main muscle groups (arms, abs, legs), with three sets of different activities, for nine repetitions each.  Old-fashioned push ups, sit-ups and squats will do just fine.  Keeping muscles toned improves your appearance, keeps your body strong, improves your independence and allows you to burn more energy.  Muscles exist by the “use it or lose it” rule.  After age 40, our bodies convert muscle into fat at the rate of one percent per year unless we “use it” through  targeted exercise.


8: Hours of sleep each night.  Sleep is an effective way to successfully manage a healthy weight.  Adequate rest is the way our body repairs itself, strengthens our immune system, enhances learning, processes memories, reduces stress and balances hormones that regulate appetite.  All of this can be yours for the low price of a regular good nights sleep.


7: Days a week, move more. The World Health Organization recently updated their exercise goal guidance for adults to include:

  • Muscle strengthening activities
  • 150-300 minutes of moderate exercise/week
  • 75-150 minutes of vigorous exercise/week
  • Or some combination of moderate and vigorous

Cardiovascular exercise is different from strength training. It keeps your blood vessels operating like a new rubber band, and improves how effectively your heart and lung function. These are two vital organs everyone should keep in top operating condition!


6: Glasses of water daily. Our bodies are two-thirds water. I recommend one cup with and between each meal. Sure you could get water from fruits and vegetables and could drink other fluids as a substitute, but why not drink tap water?  It’s calorie free and costs you nothing.  Hunger is the number one cause of why people falter in their weight loss attempts.  Don’t mistake thirst for hunger.  Stay hydrated.


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5: Fruits and vegetables daily. You’re lucky; I had a hard time deciding whether this should be a Mediterranean resolution or American. In the Mediterranean, people average 9 fruits and vegetables a day!  High-fiber intake, healthy weights, lower cholesterol, high antioxidant intake and clear skin are five good reasons for you to get your five a day!


4: to six ounces of juice per day is a good limit. Juice is rich in antioxidants, but a little dab will do you!  Too many people drink juice like kool-aide and rack up the liquid calories.  Eat whole fruits in their natural state to get a full dose of all the rich nutrients and fiber they contain.


3: Meals a day.  Don’t skip or ignore your hunger because this leads to over eating and reaching for convenience foods the next time you eat.


2: is the maximum number of times you should eat out each week. Unless you consistently purchase the healthy option, restaurants and fast foods pack in the hidden calories and are high in sodium and saturated fat. Pack a lunch and plan your dinner meals in advance. It’ll save you time, money and a pant size!


1: Start the New Year off right by scheduling an annual physician check up for yourself and family members. Regular checkups are a valuable tool for maintaining overall good health.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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