Do You Suffer From Covid Cooking Fatigue?

Covid cooking fatigue is real. While culinary ambitions were once booming, many of us now suffer from boredom in the kitchen. Having conquered making bread from scratch, a homemade sauce and a soufflé’s or two, the thought of cooking another nights dinner holds zero attraction. If you find yourself deferring to convenience foods and take out you’re not alone unless you’re a Baby Boomer.

Research reported in the IFIC 2020 Year End-Summary, showed that Americans aged 45 and under were:

  • Twice as likely as those 65+ to order takeout or delivery since the start of the pandemic
  • More apt to have purchased cooking or meal kits or subscribed to a fresh food delivery or meal pick-up service

The key players in the meal kit delivery service are Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef, Plated and Sun Basket according to Eight percent of Americans currently subscribe to at least one type of online subscription citing cost effectiveness as the key benefit. The average cost of a Hello Fresh meal is $8.99 but you might get lucky with the click of a box.

If you’re interested in learning more I recommend visiting Meals & More. They published the “Best Meal Delivery Services of 2021” complete with discount codes and the ability to sort based on special dietary needs. Hello Fresh won top honors by both Meals & More and Buyers Guide.

The other Covid inspired kitchen relief option is to use a Food Delivery service such as GRUBHUB, Door Dash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and more. Use of food delivery services skyrocketed as restaurants shut down and more people stayed in. C/net has a good review of these services rating them on consistency, delivery speed, delivery deals, ease of payment and who to use if you want more than just food. While I find food delivery services to be ingenious, I’ve honestly never ventured beyond pizza as neither my pocketbook or waistline would gamble in this direction.

My never fail, fallback for fighting cooking fatigue has always been to shop new stores. When I go to the local store, my purchases become very repetitive from week to week. Varying it up with a trip to Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods and even CostCo provides me with entirely new food options to consider and gives my menu a break from the routine. My favorite finds include precooked langoustine lobsters, freshly pulled roasted chicken breast, chicken gouda sausage and Gourmet Garden herbs. A trip to the farmers market is also a solid monotony breaker. Imagine the possibilities when you are once again able to safely mingle in crowds searching through farmer stands and artisan offerings for fresh new ideas.

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