My Favorite Healthy Lifestyle Reads for the Week of May 18, 2021.

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Do You Wolf Down Your Food? Speedy Eaters May Pack on More Pounds Lingering leaves you leaner. This is not a research first. It is interesting however, that those with multiple siblings may eat faster in order to get back to play, because the food is limited and or they’re more apt to be distracted eaters by dining commotion.

Higher Prices Leave Consumers Feeling the Pinch. Costs are risking from every step in the production process from ingredient to trucking costs, from Kellogg’s to Whirlpool. Consumer prices jumped 2.6% in the year ended in March according to the Department of Labor, the biggest 12 month increase since August, 2018. Mitigate price increases by making fewer trips to the grocery store (reduce impulse purchases), make a dinner plan and use instead of discard refrigerator remnants.

Candy Pop Pop Corn. Promoted as a “snack healthy” option at 150 calories and because its lower in sodium. I say negatory good buddy. The first ingredient is sugar (12 grams) and the second is heart clogging palm kernel oil (3.5 grams saturated fat). I’m sure it’s pretty darn tasty and healthier than eating cookie and candy straight up if you can stop at one handful. It’s a Top 2020 snack by Buzzfeed and lest I forget its made from non GMO corn, well that changes everything, not.

Periodontitis Linked to Higher Systolic BP in Healthy Adults The 250 cases with periodontitis showed higher systolic BP than 250 controls and independent of cardiovascular risk factors. Brush twice daily and floss nightly to keep your whites pearly, gums healthy pink and plaque and bacteria at bay.


Six Key Dehydration Symptoms You Should Know

42 days until summer. These are six symptoms for you to be alert to through out your life, with or without a strong dose of daily exercise.

Mental and Emotional Health

You Asked How Does My Device Mess with My Brain?

Media multitasking has a “switch cost” and may lead to diminished grey matter which controls thought and emotion. These same structural changes are associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and anxiety disorders. Turn of the alarms, beeps and texts so you can have uninterrupted, productive focus on the task at hand.

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