Your Weekly Trail Mix: Nutrition, Exercise and Mental Health Tips


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Daily 5 To 6 Cups of Coffee May Raise Blood Lipids and Heart Disease Risk. Do you know those people who have a full pot of coffee on hand all day long? This genetic study on 362,571 UK participants aged 37-73 suggests individuals who have elected LDL cholesterol may want to cut back on their java. Tap water is always a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to stay hydrated and alert.

Chewing More Slowly Might Help You Burn More Calories While I don’t have the patience to chew my food 40 times before I swallow but I do appreciate the need for some to intentionally slow down. Have you ever watched someone pocket their first bite in their left cheek only to pocket the second bite in their right cheek and swallow both down with a gulp of liquid? Chew, savor and enjoy a meal (and the company), so your brain can signal your stomach in real time “STOP, put down that fork, you’ve had enough.”


This At-Home Ab Workout is Just as Effective as Gym Routines A strong core is a year round must. If you’ve let your 8 pack slip to a 2, the Bear Crawl, Dead Bug and Mountain Climber will help you double down in no time.


3 Common Leadership Myths About Burnout – And What to Think Instead There’s lots to think about from this short read about what drives burnout more, the chicken or the egg? The individual or the work place culture? Spoiler alert: the flower can’t bloom if the soil is poor. I also found it interesting to note the vacation effect lasts for a mere 48 hours.

What’s the Right Amount of Sleep for A Healthy Heart? 6-7 hours is the sweet spot based on a review of 14,000 participants who completed the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 2005-2010. Slumbering too little or too long raises your risk for heart disease, not to mention high blood pressure, diabetes, stress and problems related to error and memory.


Pistachio Crusted Salmon with Citrus Zest This recipe is a meal in itself and crafted by a dietitian who specializes in helping people with reflux. It’s provides for a healthy crunch at 250 calories and 27 grams of protein in addition to a generous dose of heart loving monounsaturated fat.

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