Your Weekly Trail Mix: Nutrition, Exercise and Mental Health Tips 05-24-21


IFIC Annual 2021 Food & Health Survey This online survey of more than 1,000 Americans ages 18-80 is an annual favorite. It contains everything you want to know about food purchasing and diet habits. Pandemic grocery shopping hit an all time high of 42%, up from 33% in 2020 and 27% in 2019. We want our foods and beverages to be sold in a healthy, positive tone, so stop using words like low, reduced and no. If it has an extra dose of fruits and vegetables and contains ingredients we can pull out of our kitchen cupboard, AKA, it’s not processed we’re sold. We’re snacking a lot, usually from 3-5PM and 8-11PM. I’ll click my dietitian red heals together three times fast, chanting “make it healthy stuff, not sweet and salty”. There’s more reading on the environment, food insecurity, who’s eating more plants and probiotics. It’s a 78 page report full of data and graphs on all things food and health, just what I like to read.


Gatorade Introduces Rapid Rehydration Gatorlyte

Well done on the word play! Sounds like Pedialyte, a children’s drink containing 5 key electrolytes used to promote fast hydration and muscle support frequently used in the adult world by fire fighters, weekend warriors and those who over indulged at the bar. Gatorlyte mimics the 5 key electrolytes, targeting elite athletes and weekend warriors, but it’s certain to have the spill over effect so adults no longer need to shop the infant aisle.

Six Exercises to Improve Your Posture A strong core is important at every age. If you’re starting to embody the electronic shoulder shrug, couch slouch or ab flab, this workout is for you.

Mental Health

Psychiatrist Dr. Sue Varma provided these tips with tips for coping with anxiety, depressive thoughts and stress on Weekend TODAY. Her “4 M’s of Mental Health.” can help but do seek professional help when warranted.

Random Find

I’m not a stock market mogul but Oatly went public. This plant-based dairy alternative is built on the concept of producing a drink directly from oats instead of feeding the oats to cows and letting the cows process it into milk. It has a 2 grams fiber bonus and the benefits of added calcium and vitamin D like other non dairy alternatives. Unfortunately it is a mere 2 grams of protein but it does contain oatmeal’s heart loving beta-glucans. Could this be a more environmentally, sustainable option to almonds, soy, coconut and rice milk? Having bought a few shares this morning, I’m banking on it.

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